Producing online media with foreign audiences in mind sees over 5 million hits per month, with its vibrant community of over 20,000 contributors across 13 languages and internal native journalists constantly producing, translating and editing content.

We value native opinion and our approach provides a platform from which to showcase such cultural viewpoints across our multiple language websites. provides an abundance of rich, relevant and targeted content for both foreign travelers within Japan and those planning to visit.

Things we can do

With, effectively target foreign visitors to Japan and foreign residents in Japan through a combination of promotional articles, banner advertising, affiliate marketing and lots more.

We operate in a number of different ways in the inbound tourism sector, including multilingual social media management for government and corporate clients, brochure and leaflet creation, and booklet, video or slideshow production targeting foreign audiences. Our contents production is led by our team of Japan-based foreign professionals, dedicated to creating innovative campaigns and content that is easy to understand from a foreign mindset.

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