Producing online media with foreign audiences in mind sees over 5 million hits per month, with its vibrant community of over 20,000 contributors across 13 languages and internal native journalists constantly producing, translating and editing content.

We value native opinion and our approach provides a platform from which to showcase such cultural viewpoints across our multiple language websites. provides an abundance of rich, relevant and targeted content for both foreign travelers within Japan and those planning to visit.

Things we can do

With, effectively target foreign visitors to Japan and foreign residents in Japan through a combination of promotional articles, banner advertising, affiliate marketing and lots more.

We operate in a number of different ways in the inbound tourism sector, including multilingual social media management for government and corporate clients, brochure and leaflet creation, and booklet, video or slideshow production targeting foreign audiences. Our contents production is led by our team of Japan-based foreign professionals, dedicated to creating innovative campaigns and content that is easy to understand from a foreign mindset.

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As an established media player, the Japan Travel platform caters to native advertising, banner advertising and affiliate tie-ups. We specialize in targeting promotion to inbound markets across our own network of partner platforms (including SNS channels), as well as run the digital online presence for our clients.

Content Production

We create web content for overseas audiences.

With our foreign team overseeing the reporting, writing and photography through to editing and design, we don’t lose focus when it comes to optimised content for foreign audiences and can help meet your needs in this field.


We create brochures, leaflets or booklets targeted to foreign visitors, taking care of each stage including reporting, editing and design.

With native writers reporting directly in their target language, we don’t lose focus when it comes to optimised content for foreign audiences and can help meet your needs in this field.

Market Research

We can perform overseas market research or surveys and studies targeting foreign visitors.

We can conduct various kinds of surveys targeting both foreign nationals in Japan and foreign visitors to Japan, including web-based surveys and face-to-face interviews.

Web Development

Our development team undertake both consulting and multilingual website development for a range of private companies or government clients. We can also generate content for new websites.

We can develop attractive and easy to use websites, taking into account foreign trends, usability, SEO and the latest web- and responsive design technologies.

Language Services

We can meet your translation needs to reach overseas audiences, supporting English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Spanish. Our native staff members lead translation projects in their respective native language, producing natural translations that accurately portray your message in the target language.


We plan and run tours designed with foreign tourists in mind. Running tours for both private groups and corporate teams, we deliver the best of Japan’s charms through our travel agency service.

Other Services

We can leverage our vast nationwide network to meet your individual needs, recruiting and dispatching professionals in a range of disciplines including foreign models, local experts, tourism ambassadors, photographers, writers and multilingual speakers or interpreters. Our Japan-based professionals are well-acquainted with Japanese culture, trends and Japanese language, making them suitable for your project.

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