What is tie-up advertising?

We create interesting and effective content for foreign audiences.

Articles, photo stories, video, feature packages and numerous other services are available. We can build an effective promotional campaign in line with your wishes, needs and target audience.

Foreign writers (native in the respective language) can report and create articles, publishing to JapanTravel.com or a secondary location.

(This is suitable media for medium-length compositions with supporting photography – around 500 words with 6-10 photos)


Interactive Photo Stories, or slideshow galleries, that are created by foreign reporters and photographers (6-10 photos)

This media is suitable for visual approaches for communicating that feeling or idea of “want” or “must visit”.


Foreign, native speakers can shoot video, edit/produce along with accompanying music, and create 2-3 minute promotional video.

These can be published on the JapanTravel YouTube channel, JapanTravel.com website and external homepages of your company.

This is the best media for hands-on promotion using video to directly introduce stores and facilities or the regions in chronological order
*Be able to add English subtitles
※ English subtitles are also possible, alongside subtitle translation and producing regional variations of a single video.


Creation of a feature campaign page and at least 5 articles with a special promotional placement around JapanTravel.com make this a lucrative promotional opportunity for your brand.

Combining both high exposure and a tailor-made design to truly promote your brand experience on our platform.


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