What Makes Us Different?

Depth, Community, Rich Memories

Japan Travel is an expert on travel arrangements for Japan. Our unique business model, comprising a community of more than 10,000 contributors (as of Feb, 2016) which is centrally managed by our Type II licenced travel company in Tokyo, means that not only do we cover the entire country, but also that we can offer an unprecedented level of access to authentic Japan.

Our community includes about 2,000 long-term foreign residents living in Japan, who know their own neighborhoods in detail, as well as about 1,000 more bilingual Japanese. Together, both groups help translate the best parts of Japan into memorable experiences for the foreign traveler, and both want to see the country open up in a welcoming way to the rest of the world.

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  What is Our Function as a Travel Agency?

Our Travel Agency team is a Japan-focused Destination Management Company (DMC) that works with companies and groups outside Japan to arrange travel within Japan. Unlike other DMCs, we also get directly involved in the development of infrastructure, services, and activities around the country, which means we have special relationships which let us bring you and your customers experiences and opportunities that our competitors cannot.

All of our services are available as packages or can be mixed and matched or purchased independently from our services menu. Some of the services that we supply include:

  • Hotel reservations
  • Air reservations (international, domestic)
  • Rental car/motorcycle/campervan reservations
  • Package tours (in-house tours, tours from partners)
  • Custom tours (on request or designed in-house to order)
  • Activities/Experiences (in-house, sourced from partners)
  • Events reservations (music, sports, cultural, etc.)
  • Guides, interpreters, personal assistants
  • Touring and 1-day cycle rentals
  • Special dining experiences (Chef’s Table, unusual locations, etc.)
  • Restaurant reservations (direct by our call center, via partners, special dietary needs is a specialty)
  • Facilities rentals (for conferences, events, etc.)
  • Sports equipment rentals
  • Beauty reservations (hair, nails, massage, yoga, etc.)
  • Telecommunications (SIMs, LTE/WiFi portable routers, WiFi packages, rental phones)
  • Insurance
  • Multilingual Call Center (in-house, services menu according to need)
  • Visa assistance (invitation letter arrangement, etc.)

  Who We Work Best With

Japan Travel specializes primarily in supporting luxury travelers, special interest groups, incentive groups, and adventurous FIT travelers.

Our travel partners are most commonly:

  • Foreign travel agents and tour operators
  • Online OTAs
  • Corporate travel internal managers
  • Incentive travel planning companies
  • Business networking organizations (YPO, EO, TiE, etc.)
  • Sports planning companies
  • MICE-related planning companies
  • Religious organizations
  • Overseas Japanese culture-oriented organizations
  • Universities, schools, and government agencies overseeing them
  • Food/beverages-related organizations

  Open To All, Respectful of Relationships

Japan Travel believes in building long-term trusted relationships, and for that reason after receiving your enquiry, we will always begin with a video conference so that each party can understand the other.

At the same time, we are a neutral player, meaning that while we are happy to create unique, exclusive product on a partner-by-partner basis, we will always stay open to new relationships and seek to move and innovate as the industry develops.

Most of all, we have a multicultural, multilingual team, a strong Japanese-style service ethic, and will always do our best to look after you and your customers for a memorable experience. We are respectful of all religions and cultures, including prayer, food, and personal requirements.

Finally, we are flexible in how we interact with your customers, and are happy to OEM, co-brand, or subcontract our services with yours.

Please send your enquiry to tours@japantravel.com or via the contact form on this page.

Or you can call our Travel Agency team on +81-50-1791-1502.

B2B Inquiries
Custom Tours